Brookline Hydroseeding
Jan 6, 2013
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We use Bay State Fertilizer on lawns, shrubs, annuals, and vegetable gardens.

Bay State enhances the beauty of your lawn season after season. It will break down slowly to last longer. It won't burn your lawn or plants. It reduces the need for frequent watering, and supplies iron and other micronutrients.

Bay State Fertilizer is a 100% recycled product made from solids recovered from the wastewater of 43 Massachsetts communities served by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authorithy. These solids are rich in organic matter and nutrients, and with thorough processing can become fertilizer. MWRA first treats the solids biologically, using beneficial microorganisms, then dries them at high temperatures to destroy harmful bacteria. The resulting biosolids fertilizer meets the highest EPA quality standards. These safe, easy-to-use granules now bring new life to lawns and gardens.

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