Customized Lawn Care Programs
Feb 12, 2019
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GLC Custom Tailored Programs Include: (a) Fungicide treatments for lawn diseases. (b) Core aeration to relieve compaction.  



Step #1/April:

(a) Application Dimension Pre-emergent Crabgrass control (b) Application 10-6-4 75% organic fertilizer.

Step #2/May:

(a) Application liquid Trimec @ 1 ounce/gallon water for broadleaved weeds.

Step #3/Late June:

(a) Application Merit for preventative insect control. (b) Application 10-6-4 75% organic granular fertilizer.
(b) Spot Application of diluted Trimec for broadleafed weeds.

Step #4/September:

(a) Application Re-Nu 13-25-12 rooting formula fertilizer with slow released Nitrogen.

Step #5/October:

(a) Application Bay State fertilizer with Iron for early green-up in the spring.

Recommended Options Include:  Fall limestone application to raise the soil PH.



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