Flower Box Ideas
Mar 15, 2017
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We try to do good in all the ways we can!

Helpful Tips-Use a container soil mix. Choose bedding plants for your light and temperature requirements. Use the correct amount of slow release fertilizer. Start from the center and work out, gently pressing down. Take care not to over water! 


Combination #1-Wave Petunias, Blue Salvia, Dracaena, Vinca Vine

Combination #2-New Guinea Impatiens, Coleus, Helichrysum Vine

Combination #3-Scaveola, Dusty Miller, Ageratum, Vinca Vine.

Combination #4-Verbena, Dracaena, Dusty Miller, Wave Petunias.

Combination #5-Zinnias, Alyssum, Winged Begonias, Christmas Fern

Combination #6-Purple Impatiens , Pink Impatiens, Dichondra

Combination #7-Consider a herb window box.

We also plant bowls, pots, hanging baskets, moss baskets and wrought iron. Call us to plant any of your favorite combinations of bedding plants.

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