Hazard Tree Diagnosis
Feb 1, 2019
General Landscape Corp. in April, Condominium Concerns, Horticulture and Soils, Tree Care and Removal

Our opinion may have prevented this news worthy collapse!

Hazard pruning consists of removing dead, diseased, decayed or potentially hazardous branches. We can inspect your tree for possible problems.





(a) Do you see any peeling bark or rotting branches?
(b) Do you see any cavities, cracks, or peeling bark at the root zone?
(c) Any mushrooms or decay fungus?
(d) Is there a structural problem, a V-crotch, hanging branches.
(e) Are there any visible cracks or animal nests?
(f) Does the tree lean in any way beyond its normal form?
(g) Look for Root rotting, or girdling roots.
(h) Any storm or construction injury present?
(i) Look for soil compaction, poor drainage, salt damage or drought stress?


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