Importance of Soil to Plants
Feb 2, 2019
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As most of us know, little can be done to change the New England weather, but much can be accomplished with the soil.





Among some of the factors soil will effect are, the ability of seeds to germinate, the depth of a root system, the plants susceptability to extreme heat, frost, insects and diseases, the number and appearance of flowers, the size of the plant over time, and is also the most important factor in a successful organic program. Soil that is fine, and loosly textured, will allow plant roots to grow freely, increase the water holding capacity, and allow fertilizer to bind and be available for the plant to use. Compost will effect the soil structure adding nutrients over time in the top layer where plant roots mostly grow. The nutrients will last much longer the thicker you spread quality soil. If there are no nutrients in your topsoil then it doesn't matter if it is 2" or 8", you will still have poor grass or garden growth.

How to use Compost 

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