Reasons to consider a position at GLC
Feb 26, 2019
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 GLC gives you a feeling of security, independence, and accomplishment

  1. Our sky-is-the-limit attitude towards pay raises
  2. Recognized above and beyond workmanship with bonuses
  3. Easy-going team atmosphere
  4. Opportunities to advance within the company
  5. Aggressive company goals
  6. Horticulturally accepted practices
  7. Modern facility in Dedham
  8. Up-to-date equipment
  9. Knowledgeable, self-managed peers
  10. Willingness to listen to your ideas and implement your plan
  11. Year-round employment is available for qualified team members
  12. 401K Retirement and Health Care plans are available
  13. A feeling of security, independence, and accomplishment
  14. We encourage everyone to be part of our marketing team
  15. Commissions when you bring in a new customer
  16. Flexible with personal days and lifestyle benefits
  17. Ability to speak professionally with customers in person
  18. Continually striving to strengthen our team
  19. Truly listen to employee feedback
  20. Building strong business relationships.
  21. Send your resume online through our contact page
  22. Safe learning enviroment



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