Springtime Plant Preparation
Feb 13, 2017
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We listen and respect your opinion and concernsNow is the time to be preparing a schedule to treat for insect and disease problems discovered last season. Many problems will overwinter on the ground, in dead branches and leaves, or lay eggs in the fall on the bark. Preventative care can make a difference.





1) Remove any diseased or dead branches.

2) Identify and understand the host plant accurately for proper diagnosis.

3) Prune off 6" below the infested branch.

4) Dispose and chip all debris.

5) Winter conditions can cause plant problems that may not be visible until growth starts.

6) Early warm weather causes plants to break dormancy too early producing susceptible growth.

7) Borderline hardy plants are susceptible to frost injury.

8) Check recently planted or transplanted material for frost heaving.


At GLC we can evaluate your landscape through monitoring, use proper cultural practices, identify and assess potential hazards and treat problems with practical solutions.

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