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    Why Topdress with Compost?

    We can deliver on our promises because we listen!

    Topdress your lawn and planting beds with compost. Compost adds texture and structure to the soil for deeper root penetration and water holding capacity.

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    Organic Lawn Care 

    We listen and respect your opinion and concerns

    Organic Lawn Care is basically soil science. The goal throughout the process is to create a microbe and nutrient-rich soil system in which to develop deep-rooted, dense turf that competes successfully with weeds, and is low-maintenance, drought, insect and disease-tolerant and beautiful!

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    Finding Your Own Inspiration!


    We enjoy projects that force us to learn something new!

    What do you want to include in your design?

    1. A patio to extend your outdoor living space.

    2. A privacy screen for a patio or deck.

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