Working Together for Better Results
Mar 3, 2015
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Share our ideas and blog posts with your friends.At GLC we make it easy for you to use our services to complement your current landscaper. Working together with a company you're comfortable with can promote and enhance better long term plant solutions.




1) Timing is most important in Horticulture to promote good healthy growth.

2) Get a second or third opinion when you are spending more than $1000.00 on a service or product.

3) Question why we need this product or service and why now?

4) We can work together with landscaper on a larger project that you feel is out of their capability.

 5) Tell us what you like and know and we'll work it into the plan.

6) Do you believe your problem will be solved with only one opinion?

7) Avoid the tough choices by getting into pressure situation.

8) Keep it simple and concise.

9) We'll meet with your landscaper or arborist without involving any of your time.

10) Above all, it's about focusing on the work.

11) If you are a landscaper we will work with you without any worries.

12) What is it going to take to get those high quality professional results at an affordable cost?

13) Partnerships through caring for plants.

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