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    Grounds Maintenance Planning

    We minimize waste to help keep your overall costs downProper Grounds Maintenance will bring long lasting value and happiness to your home. These complex tasks will be custom tailored and customer driven to fit your needs and budget. An understanding will develop throughout the first season to keep us working together for years to come.





    INITIAL SPRING WORK, Mid-March to Late-April

    a) Remaining leaves and litter removed from planting beds.
    b) Excess old bark mulch removed around plants.
    c) Planting beds re-edged, weeded, and graded.
    d) Lawns air blown and cleaned.
    e) Minor winter damaged shrubs pruned.
    f) Parking lot and driveway sand removal.
    g) Small trees, shrubs, and ground covers fertilized.
    h) Application pre-emergent weed control in beds.
    i) Proper debris disposal and dumping charges.

    BARK MULCH INSTALLATION, Early-April to Mid-May

    Note: Our mulches are natural and contain no dyes.

    a) Your choice of either Natural Hemlock, Pine, or Aged Black Pine.

    b) Delivery and installation around all existing planting beds

    LAWN RESTORATION WORK, Early April-Late May

    a) Lawn areas mechanically de-thatched and core aerated.
    b) Lawns raked and prepared for seeding.
    c) Lawns overseeded with Loft's Tri-plex Sun & Shade mix of grass seed.

    d) Areas topdressed with peat moss if needed.


    a) Litter pick-up & disposal.
    b) Plant monitoring for potential problems.
    c) Lawns mowed to proper height, and edges vertically string trimmed.
    d) Walkways and parking lot cleaned and air blown.
    e) Clippings removed from site.
    f) Curbside edging maintained.

    SEASONAL PRUNING SERVICES, Late May-Late September

    a) 3 trips during the growing season to prune faster growing shrubs.
    b) Attention to all small trees, hedges, and shrubs as needed after growing season is complete.
    c) Planting beds re-edged and weeded on a continued basis.
    d) Debris removal.


    a) April Pansy planting  (b) June planting with the largest selection of annuals
    c) Early Fall Chrysanthemum planting
    d) October Bulb planting (e) November-December holiday arrangements


    STEP NO.1 April (a) Application Dimension Pre-emergent granular Crabgrass control,

    (b) Application 10-6-4 75% Organic fertilizer

    STEP NO. 2 Mid-May Application

    (a) Selective broadleafed weed control application.

    STEP NO. 3 Mid-June-Early July (a) Spot application broadleaf weed control. (b) Application Merit insect prevention. (c) Application 10-6-4 75% Organic fertilizer 

    STEP NO. 4 Early September

    (a) Application Re-Nu 12-25-13 granular rooting formula.

    STEP NO. 5 Late October (a) Application Baystate Granular Organic Matter with iron

    LAWN CARE OPTIONS. Includes:

    a) Application Bayledon for Leaf spot, Red Thread, or Powdery mildew diseases.
    b) Lawn Soil Test. (c) Application Round-up non-selective weed control for pavement.

    FINAL FALL SERVICES, November 1st to January 1st

    a) 1 trip in November to remove the bulk amount of leaves.
    b) 1 trip in December to remove the remaining leaves.
    c) Final lawn mowing.
    d) Annuals removed and mulch beds final graded
    e) Debris dumping charge is assessed to all our maintenance programs to just help cover the ever rising grass clipping dumping costs.


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