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    Preparing Plants for Dormancy

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    Things to think about before putting your hose away for the winter season.

    Water all your plants deeply because roots continue to grow.




    • Consider spraying an anti-dessicant for new plantings to seal in moisture from the drying effects of the wind and sun in January.
    • Insulate tender Perennials with leaf mulch or salt marsh hay to them from drastic changes.
    • Build up the base of Roses with leaf mulch.
    • Divide overgrown Perennials to maintain good flowering and health.
    • Remove all leaves over your lawn to avoid dieback in the spring, and to discourage diseases from overwintering.
    • October and November is a great time to do any transplanting work.
    • Add a silt or burlap barrier along tender plants that may be effected by salt or wind.
    • Cut back your Perennials to the ground unless they provide you with winter attraction.
    • Consider the extra work you may create in the spring by being overly concerned in the fall.
    • Allow your plants to naturally harden-off for the winter.
    • Certain bedding plants can be taken inside to overwinter.
    • Don't stimulate any late tender growth by fertilizing.
    • Give extra care to plants that have been doing poorly during the growing season.

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