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    Save It for Winter

    Winter and Law Care Services for BostonPeople often ask what we do to keep busy during the two winter months, January and February. You can find our consistent top quality workmanship with any of our winter services.

    Here are some ways we can help:

    • Tree pruning and takedown work can be completed any time of the year, but 10% off the quoted price when you ask.
    • Remove that unwanted stump even though it is buried by snow.
    • During the winter we tend to provide a wider service range. Give us a try even though you feel we may be too far away from your home.
    • Having a problem with your snow blower, bring it by the shop maybe we can help fix it.
    • Winter can be a time to tend to your Perennial beds. Mulch all tender Perennials.
    • We can provide local snow removal and Bobcat services after a storm if there is time permitting. Give us a call!
    • Protecting your trees and shrubs from the many pressures of winter. Call us for a recommendation and plan a solution from animal damage.
    • Have a shed, fence or small garage or structure that needs removing. We have the knowledge and the man-power.
    • We have many hours of interior painting experience that we can help you with during January and February only.
    • If there is any preparation we can do now for a spring landscape project, do it now at a price reduction with my best talent.
    • Cover your project with insulating tarps and build a wall or install a fence. Construction heaters work wonders.
    • Take down holiday ornaments with our bucket truck or think of something creative for a bucket truck.
    • Set up winter flower boxes with evergreen cuttings.
    • Hey it's January and there is no snow on the ground. Call us for a late leaf clean-up or to apply granular organic matter or lime on your lawn.
    • Mow your lawn short to prevent any snow damage.
    • We help plan a new construction site to preserve your valuable trees and shrubs from soil compaction and a changing environment.
    • Perform soil diagnostics in the winter.
    • Exterior of your house need scraping. Maybe we can help.
    • We can create a customized, tailored service for you and your property throughout the year all within your budget. Let's talk.
    • Need some help with property management. We can advise, clean halls, and remove trash.
    • Call us for pre-salting or ice melting when ice storms are eminent.
    • We can clean gutters in January and February only.


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