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    A Basic Guide To Follow For 2016

    We listen, and try to do the work right the first time.

    GLC Monthly Garden Calendar

    March-Parking lot and pavement sweeping, Leaf removal, Winter damage pruning, Tree pruning, Tree removal. Tree and shrub transplanting, Assess winter damage, and diagnosis problems.

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    Tree Maintenance & Pruning


    We look after our team, so they will look after you!

    Maintenance Pruning    is recommended for maintaining or improving tree health and structure. Hazard pruning is recommended to reduce the danger of a specific target caused by visibly defined hazards in a tree.

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    Customized Lawn Care Programs

    Consistency keeps our customers satisfied!

    GLC Custom Tailored Programs Include: (a) Fungicide treatments for lawn diseases. (b) Core aeration to relieve compaction.  

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