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    Design Idea: Living Walls

    We have ideas to help you get started with your plans!Planting a vertical garden can be as easy as finding a wall or trellis, but a true living wall is plants rooted in the structural support itself, that is fastened to a wall. Either way,  it takes time and patience to establish.   

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    Design Idea: A Garden of Grasses

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    The many textures and colors of ornamental grasses make them a excellent choice as a stand-alone garden or as an accent planting in your landscape. Taller grasses are used as borders or screens. Shorter grasses can be used as ground covers. The winter look of dormant grasses is desirable, but cutting back once a year is very important. Enjoy!


    Licensed Tree Spraying

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    Winter Moth Alert

    The winter moth lay its eggs during the late fall and winter loosely on the bark in furrows. They hatch in early spring and begin feeding on leaf and flower buds of its host plant. 

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