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    GLC Basic Grounds Maintenance Plan

    We try to minimize waste to help keep overall costs down.

    INITIAL SPRING WORK, Mid-March to Late-April

    a) Remaining of leaves and litter removed from planting beds.
    b) Excess old bark mulch removed around plants.
    c) Planting beds re-edged, weeded, and graded.
    d) Lawns air blown and cleaned.
    e) Minor winter damaged shrubs pruned.
    f) Parking lot and driveway sand removal.
    g) Small trees, shrubs, and ground covers fertilized.
    h) Application pre-emergent weed control in beds.
    i) Proper debris disposal and dumping charges.

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    Flexible Lawn and Plant Care 

    We want to help you take care of your plants!Our Guide to Selecting a Lawn Care Company      Ask yourself a few of questions first. Do I want to still be partially involved with the process, what level of service do I expect, and how much knowledge will the company offer.

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    Save It for Winter

    We stay focused on each part of the total picture!People often ask what we do to keep busy during the two winter months, January and February. You can find our consistent top quality workmanship with any of our winter services.

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