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    Professional Crane Services


    Eric and his team removing a tree in BrooklineGLC offers crane services for your difficult tree removal.   As a property owner in the Boston area, monitoring the condition of your trees and shrubs should be your top priority. Valuable material should be properly pruned for strength and aesthetics. Dead and unwanted branches should be removed before they become a hazard. GLC can evaluate and care for your trees. 

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    Holiday Services

    Working with us is a very pleasant, and convenient experience.

    Ideas for the Holidays

    Decorated Balsam Fir Wreaths

    Cut or living Christmas trees

    Door swags

    Bucket Truck Installations

    Holiday window boxes and pots

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    We Make It Easy For You!


    We try to do good in all the ways we can!

    • Working with us is a very pleasant, and convenient experience.
    • When you call us, we call you back.
    • When we are scheduled to meet, we do our best to be on time.
    • We work with loyal, honest, consistent people.
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